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Ms. Ealand and Cmdr. Straker
Ms. Ealand and Cmdr. Straker

This site has been created with the intention of building the most complete and accurate database of canonical facts for the television series UFO.

Welcome to SHADOpedia!

The term canon refers to those facts that are verifiable in the series. It can be something as trivial as the fact that Alec Freeman is left-handed, or as detailed and complex as the technical details for the Space Interceptors and may also refer to the behaviour of characters in the series. Unfortunately, canon has become one of the difficult and sometimes thorny topics among the UFO community and is the cause of much discussion and, occasionally, argument. Just as important is telling real bloopers and plotholes from faultily assumed so ones.

Quite a few alleged canon facts, such as e.g. Alec Freeman's nationality being Australian or Ed Straker being a teetotaller or having been a POW in Vietnam, are fanon instead. Invented by fans and told among fans so often and again, that in the end everyone believes in them. Quite a few so-called bloopers, like Keith Ford's answer to Ed Straker in Identified, are none, while those which are just that remain unmentioned.

Part of the reason for this disarray is that there is no truly accurate reference work which allows one to research into the small titbits and facts which the series provides us with. There are excellent guides to the series, and a wealth of reference material ranging from blueprints to character biographies, but many of the details given are not supported by specifics or clear evidence from the episodes.

This wiki aims to address that omission, by assembling facts from across the episodes, weighing them, checking from all available aspects and then presenting them to those fans who wish to know the niceties, the nuances, even the basic details! Our intention is to find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Today, on February 26, 2017, there are 270 articles and 548 pages on SHADOpedia.

We welcome people helping us with this. To keep spam at a minimum please email ufopedia(at)edstraker(dot)com and we will provide you with an editing account.

Your SHADOpedia Team

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